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MAPS and OKC in the News

Dec. 7, 2009: The Oklahoman
"Creating new landscape"
Excerpt: "However, Oklahoma City’s most ambitious improvements have taken place recently, due to the Metropolitan Area Projects programs. Since the passage of the first MAPS in 1993, the landscape of Oklahoma City has experienced an incredible renaissance. Not only does the city have a vibrant canal and river area, the downtown area has become a top visitor spot and every school in the city has been touched by MAPS for Kids.

We can continue this historic momentum with the passage of MAPS 3 on Tuesday. Another visionary program, MAPS 3 will not only continue the downtown rebirth with an expanded central park, a new convention center, light rail transport and additional improvements to the Oklahoma River, it will also impact every part of Oklahoma City with new sidewalks, walking trails and senior centers.

As Oklahoma celebrates its 102nd year, Oklahoma City is experiencing a momentum that would make our forefathers proud. We must continue to embrace the pioneering spirit of our ancestors who made our state great by building new dreams and seizing new opportunities."
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Dec. 6, 2009: The Oklahoman
"Brighter future for city possible with MAPS 3"
Excerpt: "OKLAHOMA City’s residents could easily pat themselves on the back for their past investments in MAPS and MAPS for Kids, declare that we’ve arrived as a city and call it a job well done. Doing so guarantees the city stagnates or, even worse, loses much of the progress gained on the economic development and quality-of-life fronts."
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Dec. 4, 2009: The Oklahoman
"A chance to continue city's momentum"
Excerpt: "MAPS 3 will make the city a better place to live. Its improvements will attract new business, jobs and private investment, just as the MAPS and MAPS for Kids helped convince Advanced Academics to move here eight years ago. I urge you to vote yes for this proposal Tuesday."
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Dec. 4, 2009: The Oklahoman
"Construction union voices MAPS 3 support"
Excerpt: "'I for one am thankful that when this is passed next Tuesday we are going to have a lot of work for a lot of good people,” [Former Mayor Kirk] Humphreys said. "The message is we are all in this together...'

Also endorsing MAPS 3 is Gov. Brad Henry, who is starring along with other officials in a television advertisement in favor of MAPS.

'MAPS has provided a tremendous boost to Oklahoma City over the years, and I think it makes good sense to continue that momentum with a yes vote on Dec. 8,' Henry said. 'What’s good for Oklahoma City is good for the state of Oklahoma as a whole, and that’s why I’m supporting MAPS.'"
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Dec. 4, 2009: OKCBiz
"USA Canoe/Kayak plans OKC facility in 2010"
Excerpt: "'The results of the study show that the proposed Whitewater Rafting and Kayaking Facility would have significant economic and recreational benefits to the region,' Roy Williams, president and CEO of the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber, said. 'A world-class facility such as this will not only create hundreds of jobs each year, but will also appeal to families, recreational enthusiasts and Olympic caliber athletes.'"
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Dec. 4, 2009: The Black Chronicle
"Whitewater Center Part of MAPS III"
Excerpt: "'Already, since the adoption of MAPS, thousands of youths have been introduced to water sports through an outreach program,' the spokesman said.

'Those efforts have made it possible for three local schools (U.S. Grant, Capitol Hill and Northwest Classen High Schools) to launch their own rowing teams this fall,' Mr. Elwell said.

The addition of a whitewater center at the river (as MAPS III will allow) will make the Oklahoma River even more accessible to young people, the chamber of commerce spokesman said.

'The new whitewater center will offer rafting, kayaking and canoeing for all skill levels,' Michael Knopp, executive director of the Oklahoma City Boathouse Foundation, said, 'from beginner right up to elite athlete.'"
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Dec. 4, 2009: The Black Chronicle
"The Farsightedness of MAPS III"
Excerpt: "In that sense, MAPS III is most certainly for all of us (the old and the young alike), but what is most evident is that the 'look-toward-the-future' involved in the planning of the total package to be presented to voters come Tuesday anticipated the needs of those generations who will come after us. So that, when we go to the polls, we voters should think of those future generations as we decide.

Altogether, the proposals will finance eight projects that proponents say will continue to help improve the quality of life, create new jobs and boost the economy for the metropolitan area.

When you really think about it, we would actually be irresponsible if we were to deny ourselves and those future generations the obvious benefits that will accrue to our city.

We should vote 'Yes.'"
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Dec. 3, 2009: News Release
Oklahoma Economists Agree: Now is the Perfect Time to Invest in Major Infrastructure Projects
Three local economists argue that the timing of MAPS couldn’t be more ideal

Excerpt: "Three Oklahoma economists agree that while the national economy is down and cities elsewhere struggle, Oklahoma City is in a prime position to invest in major infrastructure projects. Bob Dauffenbach, director of the Center for Economic and Management Research at the University of Oklahoma; Russell Evans, director of the Center for Applied Economic Research at Oklahoma State University; and Larkin Warner, professor emeritus at Oklahoma State University, who has extensively studied the economic impact of both MAPS and MAPS for Kids, all argue that if we invest now, the return on economic activity will be maximized because of the timing.

'The timing of MAPS is perfect,' said Evans. 'We’ll get the projects done at a lower cost, and the return on economic activity in the city will be maximized because of the timing, not in spite of the timing. If the construction industry was highly active right now and we put more activity into it, we would end up with less quantity and higher prices. At this point in time, we will get more return on our investment of economic activity per dollar spent and at better prices.'

Dauffenbach agreed. 'The construction industry is being impacted by the national recession, and that releases resources that can be gainfully employed here - so it’s a good time to engage in construction activity. Construction dollars will stretch further in Oklahoma during this time of national recession. The timing is very good, and it really contrasts quite dramatically with a couple of years ago. I’m anticipating we would get a lot of bang for the buck out of these MAPS projects.'

Research shows communities that don’t choose to invest when the economy is slow are essentially locking in their losses. When the economy rebounds, they will not be in a position to benefit. And Oklahoma City economists argue that not investing is the worst move the city could make.

'We are looking for investments that will yield a positive return and continue the momentum that Oklahoma City has been able to achieve,' said Dauffenbach. 'If we don’t invest now it would slow our rate of progress and likely damage our momentum...'

As budgets inevitably are cut around the nation, research shows that cities that stay in the game have less competition and more opportunities for business attraction. And Oklahoma City has the chance to stay in the game without raising taxes or incurring debt.

'I think it is important to point out the merits of using sales tax to fund these projects,' said Warner. 'We don’t have to borrow money, for one, which means we don’t have to pay interest on bonds or pay higher property taxes. And secondly, because greater Oklahoma City covers such a large area, people from other communities are helping us pay for programs and projects located in Oklahoma City. We can take advantage of the sales tax generated from residents not just of Oklahoma City, but elsewhere in Oklahoma. It all makes a good deal of sense...'

Read full story | PDF of full release

Dec. 3, 2009: The Journal Record
"Study: Proposed MAPS 3 facility could have economic impact"
Excerpt: "A proposed whitewater rafting and kayaking facility near downtown could have an annual economic impact of as much as $29 million, a study conducted for the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce shows...

The facility is expected to employ a full-time staff of about 48, with an average annual payroll of $1.9 million, and it would indirectly support another 230 jobs each year with $5.3 million in payroll at other local businesses, researchers said.

Chamber President Roy Williams said, 'A world-class facility such as this will not only create hundreds of jobs each year, but will also appeal to families, recreational enthusiasts and Olympic caliber athletes.'"
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Dec. 2, 2009: The City Sentinel
"Former Mayor Andy Coats remembers 'six to fix,' and backs MAPS 3"
Excerpt: "Coats said MAPS 3 is another crucial step forward for the city that voters should support without reservation.

'It’s very, very important,' he said. 'We have a chance to continue that momentum. True, there are people who are shortsighted. It’s disappointing that they’re against it.

Coats added, 'If we continue this, it will attract more people, and the accordant increase in city revenues will address that which is important to the anti-MAPS groups.'

He noted that if the current proposal passes, city residents won’t be footing the bill alone. He pointed out visitors and others patronizing city venues, businesses and attractions will spend money and pay taxes here, helping defray the costs for local citizens."
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Dec. 2, 2009: The Journal Record
"Editorial: Despite flawed packaging, MAPS 3 must pass"
Excerpt: "Firefighter and police union members, most of whom do not live in Oklahoma City, mounted their opposition campaign merely as leverage for self-serving interests. It’s not that they think the proposal is bad, they just want more political clout and more money, and they think that opposing a popular measure will provide leverage. That amounts to nothing more than schoolyard bullying.

The other opponents are self-proclaimed tea partyers who oppose new taxes no matter the purpose. All elections uncover the fringe; this one is no different, and the group’s all-encompassing obstructionism has little credibility...

We wish the present were wrapped a little neater and the bow tied a little tighter, but city leaders have demonstrated trustworthiness with previous MAPS initiatives, and citizen oversight, including a formal committee, will prevent any shenanigans.

Despite the untidiness, completion of the proposed projects will be like Dec. 26: The ribbons and bows will be forgotten, but the stuff inside the box will be beneficial for a long, long time.

Vote yes on Dec. 8."
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Dec. 2, 2009: The Journal Record
"Continue the transformation"
Excerpt: "There is more to MAPS than quality of life. The economic benefits of the original MAPS are widely known and have been widely publicized. In the early ‘90s we invested $365 million, one penny at a time, into our community’s future. It has been estimated we have now seen a $3.1 billion return on that investment, with $1.9 billion more yet to come. Think about that. We have gotten back 10 times what we originally invested...

Beyond, however, the construction and hospitality jobs that MAPS creates, perhaps the greatest benefit of MAPS is that we have made our city a city where others want to live – where entrepreneurs and business leaders want to do business. As a result, for the past year, Oklahoma City has consistently had the lowest unemployment rate in the country. A passage of MAPS on Dec. 8 could solidify that ranking for years to come...

In economic times like these, some ask if now is the right time to reinvest in our city. My reply, if not now then when? Oklahoma City has weathered this recession like no other city in the nation. So when the economy starts to bounce back, Oklahoma City will be better positioned to emerge as a city that is the envy of the rest of the country. And we can all thank the success of MAPS for that.

Across the nation, cities are cutting back and putting their plans on hold. Not in Oklahoma City. The Devon Tower is the only skyscraper currently being constructed in the world. The relocation of Interstate 40 is one of the biggest projects being undertaken right now in the U.S. Add the impact of this new MAPS program to that and you quickly see how there is no better time than now.

The success and ingenuity of MAPS is unrivaled in any other American community. Now it is the time to continue that momentum that we worked so hard to create."
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Dec. 2, 2009: The City Sentinel
"City gains environmental, economic awards from MAPS process"
Excerpt: "'I think people lose perspective on how fiscally responsible we’ve made sure this whole package is,' said Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett in an interview with The City Sentinel. 'We spent a tremendous amount of time over the last three years doing research and due diligence. There were a lot of good ideas, but these are the eight that address job creation and quality of life best.

'The studies that we’ve seen showing how low our unemployment numbers are than the rest of the country, how much better our economy is. That’s because we’ve been willing to invest in ourselves.'

There is noteworthy news that may not have been passed on so widely, concerning the transformational impact of MAPS programs.

Recently, the National Brownfields Conference in New Orleans awarded MAPS two 2009 national commendations -- one for its multi-billion dollar economic impact, and a second for bringing blighted areas back to life.

'In a time of economic upheaval and downtrending, the City of Oklahoma City’s Metropolitan Area Projects (MAPS) provides a stellar example of what can be done to revitalize cities and bring back new growth and life to what was formerly a struggling major metropolitan area,' said Therese Carpenter, environmental scientist and one of eight Renewal judges."
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Nov. 30, 2009: The Oklahoman
"Say yes to a vision: MAPS 3 is incredible opportunity"
Excerpt: "MAPS 3 is an incredible, once-in-a-generation opportunity. Its projects are defined and it is paid for by simply continuing a tax that is in place. It creates jobs and improves the quality of life in our city. It is another chapter in a history of visionary thinking that brought us from a struggling start to a big-league city in just over 100 years."
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Nov. 27, 2009: Oklahoma City FRIDAY
"Union bosses challenged on MAPS 3 stand"
Excerpt: "...leaders of the city’s police and fire unions, at their press conference opposing the approval of MAPS 3, repeatedly 'pointed out that their only concern was public safety -- no other issues.'

Williams added that 'Recently both unions submitted their best and final offer to the city for the arbitration hearings relative to failed contract negotiations.'

And 'not a single one of these issues addresses public safety. In fact the opposite.'

One of the police union demands was to add a full-time city-paid police officer to the payroll to spend full-time doing work for the union..."

"'None of these issues addresses public safety. Each one is about additional benefits and compensation and pay for existing employees.'"
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Nov. 17, 2009: The Oklahoman
"Oklahoma City union contract disputes continue"
Excerpt: "Oklahoma City police and fire union members this month rejected an offer that could have resulted in the hiring of more police officers and firefighters.

City officials are perplexed by the action because both unions have insisted during work contract negotiations and while campaigning against MAPS 3 that they need more personnel.

'I don’t think their actions meet their words. It’s all about money for them,' said Ward 1 City Councilman Gary Marrs. 'It is frustrating.'

Despite publicly stating the need for more staffing, the unions have not submitted work contract offers to the city that address that staffing, city officials said. Instead, most of the offers deal with benefits and pay."
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Nov. 17, 2009: The Oklahoman
"MAPS 3 foes focused on leverage, not merits"
Excerpt: "So, we now have organized opposition to the MAPS 3 proposal that will go before Oklahoma City voters early next month. The police and firefighters unions are against MAPS 3 because, well, because they’re not happy with the way contract negotiations are going.

"Make no mistake: The 'Not This MAPS' campaign that police and fire started last week has nothing to do with the merits of MAPS 3 and everything to do with trying to gain leverage in contract talks. The unions want more money and more staffing; disappointed in how the city has reacted to those requests, the unions have decided to do what they can to sink a project that’s vitally important to the city."
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Nov. 15, 2009: The Oklahoman
"MAPS 3 park could be first for Oklahoma City
Excerpt: The $130 million downtown park included in the $777 million MAPS 3 proposal isn’t a park like Oklahoma City residents would recognize.

Yes, it would have a playground, walking trails and athletic fields.

But the concept of a "highly programmed" urban park is a new one for Oklahoma City, and the best way to understand it is to look at similar parks in other cities, Mayor Mick Cornett said.
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Nov. 13, 2009
YES for MAPS Coalition Opens Campaign Office

OKLAHOMA CITY, Nov. 13, 2009 – The YES for MAPS Coalition today announced the opening of their campaign headquarters office in the Robinson Renaissance Building, 119 N. Robinson, Suite 120.

The campaign office will be staffed Monday through Friday. Citizens can come by to pick up stickers, bumper stickers, yard signs and other campaign materials. They can also make a donation or sign up to be a campaign volunteer.

“The campaign headquarters will serve as our home base as we spread the word about MAPS and why voting ‘yes’ is so important for the future of Oklahoma City,” said Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett. “If you can’t make it to the campaign office, you can always join our effort through the web site,”

The YES for MAPS Coalition is chaired by Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett. Former Mayors Ron Norick and Kirk Humphreys are co‐treasurers of the effort. The Coalition is campaigning in support of the upcoming MAPS initiative, to be voted on Tuesday, Dec. 8, 2009.

The following local organizations and civic groups have voiced their support for MAPS and the coalition:

  • Asian District Association
  • Bricktown Association
  • Capitol Hill Main Street
  • Oklahoma Municipal Contractors Association
  • Chesapeake Junior Crew
  • Downtown Oklahoma City Inc.
  • Greater Oklahoma City Chamber
  • Greater Oklahoma City Metro Hotel Association
  • OKC Beautiful
  • Oklahoma City All Sports Association
  • Neighborhood Alliance of Central Oklahoma
  • Oklahoma City Boathouse Foundation
  • 2012: Friends of the Oklahoma River
  • OnTrac
  • Olympic Sports Engagement Committee
  • Modern Transit Project
  • TRI OKC (Triathlon Club of OKC)
  • Oklahoma Transit Association
  • Downtown Club of Oklahoma City
  • Oklahoma City University
  • The Foundation for Oklahoma City Public Schools
  • Oklahoma Shakespeare in the Park
  • Oklahoma State Fair, Inc.
  • Associated General Contractors of Oklahoma ‐ Building Chapter
  • Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) of Oklahoma City
  • Oklahoma City Metropolitan Association of Realtors
  • Central Oklahoma Home Builders Association
  • Oklahoma City Trails Advisory Committee
  • OKC Velo Club
  • South Oklahoma City Chamber
  • Arts Council of Oklahoma City
  • Commercial Real Estate Council (CREC) of Oklahoma City
  • The Northwest Chamber
  • Stockyards City Main Street
  • Oklahoma Bicycle Society
  • Automobile Alley
  • Myriad Gardens Foundation
  • Sierra Club ‐ Cimarron Group
  • National Electrical Contractors Association – Oklahoma Chapter
  • Fit Kids Coalition
  • Plaza District Association
  • Alliance for Public Transportation

“We have had an incredible amount of support,” said Cornett. “Residents are excited about these projects, their positive effect on the economy and how they will improve our overall quality of life.”

Voters can get involved, find more information and make a donation on the “YES for MAPS Coalition” campaign site at

Media Contact – Marcus Elwell: (405) 297‐8971 or

PDF of full release

*Note: see current list of Coalition members in our "About Our Coalition" section.

Nov. 12, 2009: The Oklahoman
"MAPS 3 could generate public safety money, Oklahoma City says"

Excerpt: "'I can assure you that if MAPS does not pass, our public safety issues multiply,' Mayor Mick Cornett said at a news conference called in response to union opposition to MAPS 3. Cornett said if MAPS 3 passes, the city will give MAPS 3 use tax revenue to public safety. Use taxes are charged instead of sales taxes to businesses who buy items from outside Oklahoma City for use within the city. A use tax typically accompanies a voter-approved sales tax. City records show public safety has received $60 million of use tax revenue from MAPS For Kids, which passed in 2001. The money has been used for public safety capital projects...

Ward 1 Councilman Gary Marrs, a former fire chief, said he's upset about union claims that the city doesn't adequately support public safety. He noted that two-thirds of the city's annual general fund budget goes to public safety. 'I don't know how you can say we don't support public safety when you make that kind of commitment on a yearly basis,' Marrs said, also citing past bond issues that included money for public safety."
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Nov. 11, 2009: Oklahoma Gazette
"Mayor: ‘Mind-boggling’ number of paddle sports, boating events could come to Oklahoma City"
Excerpt: "'It would become the world’s premier facility for rowing, canoeing and kayaking events,' said Mayor Mick Cornett. 'This is an opportunity for Oklahoma City to be world-class and world-renowned.'

"The mayor said he knows it’s hard to visualize how the public, recirculating whitewater rapids course would work. That’s why MAPS 3 proponents have posted a five-minute YouTube video of a similar 307-acre course in Charlotte, N.C., at the U.S. National Whitewater Center on the banks of the Catawba River."*

*Note: video available here.
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Nov. 9, 2009: The Oklahoman
"Let's not take city's future for granted"
Excerpt: "So many wonderful things have happened for Oklahoma City since that day in 1993 when we said yes to MAPS and yes to the future of our city. Some we hoped for, some we dreamed of and others we could not have begun to imagine. The power that lies in our hands to create that same kind of opportunity once again is so precious and so important."
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Nov. 4, 2009: Oklahoma Gazette
"Officials: Downtown rail initiative in MAPS 3 can serve as future framework"
Excerpt: "Of the nine modes of transit covered in Oklahoma City’s Fixed Guideway Study, which is the city’s blueprint for its transportation future, only one method of transportation could unite them all — the modern streetcar, riding on rails in the street, city planners wrote.

'The flexibility and relative low cost compared to other rail alternatives could allow a modern streetcar system to emerge as a viable alternative in any high-capacity transit corridor,' states the study, undertaken in 2005. 'Modern streetcar can also serve to improve the image of public transportation in the region and is an investment in the future that tends to attract community support. As such, it strengthens the appeal of other transit technologies.'

Rick Cain, director of public transportation with the Central Oklahoma Transportation and Parking Authority, or COTPA, echoed the sentiment.

'It is the key. It’s the place to start, where you can grow from there,' he said. 'Whether you want to reach out to neighboring communities or expand transit within Oklahoma City, when you come down to the core area downtown, you need some kind of a distribution system, and that’s what this really provides. And it will complement our bus system.'"
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Oct. 28, 2009: The Oklahoman
"Building the Future"

Excerpt: "The Thunder are a great example of what happens when a city invests in itself."

Oct. 14, 2009: KSBI
"MAPS Investments Hit $3 Billion"
Excerpt: "New figures out tonight show Oklahoma City's MAPS Project is turning in big profits for the city. The original plan for MAPS cost the city about $350 million. But 15 years later, studies show that the total value of new investment projects related to maps reached more than $3 billion...

'You build that infrastructure where opportunity could present itself. We don't know what the next 10-20 years brings but if we make some great investments right now we have a chance of capturing those. If we don't make investments there's no chance of that happening.'"
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Oct. 8, 2009: The Oklahoman
"Up, up... And away Devon goes with tower"
Excerpt: "An important part of Oklahoma City’s past is a reason why. Nichols said the original MAPS project, approved by voters nearly 16 years ago, was vital to his company. Without it, he said, Devon wouldn’t be able to attract the sort of skilled work force it needs to be one of the world’s top independent oil and gas companies."
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Oct. 8, 2009: Oklahoma City FRIDAY
"The other side of the story: Or why we really need to prime the pump with MAPS 3"
Excerpt: "It is, to work for the passage of, and go to the polls and vote for:

MAPS 3, that will not cause a single penny tax increase, because it will replace a sales tax penny that is expiring. But it will create hundreds of jobs during construction, and thousands of permanent jobs after construction, mostly in the private sector. And it will attract new billions of dollars in private sector investments (like previous MAPS have done.)...

The projects that the MAPS 3 millions will provide us will create literally several thousand new permanent jobs."
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Sept. 25, 2009: Oklahoma City FRIDAY
"MAPS 3 spells JOBS!"
Excerpt: "OUR TOWN’S CITIZENS are excited about the great projects revealed for MAPS 3 that will drive the continuance of the remarkable OKC renaissance image. Our renewal progress has become the envy of other major cities in America.

But let us not overlook the dynamic influence it will have over our economy! Just like the previous MAPS programs, it is designed to create JOBS. Thousands of jobs. Not just in construction of the projects, but in permanent new business. And it will bring billions of dollars more in new investment from the private sector just as previous MAPS programs have done."
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Sept. 28, 2009: Edmond Sun
"MAPS projects may link suburbs"
Excerpt: "Central Park is situated in the middle of the island of Manhattan and serves as a place where all New Yorkers can enjoy the beauty of nature and also engage in a variety of recreational activities. It was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted in the 19th century to provide a place where New Yorkers could escape the concrete and asphalt of urban life. The Oklahoma City area may have a similar oasis if the new MAPS 3 plan is approved by its citizenry in December...

But the project that may have the most impact on the Oklahoma City area’s future is the one that would construct a commuter rail system in the downtown area. Many cities have constructed such systems in recent years, and some civic leaders have been urging Oklahoma City to follow suit.

Washington Post columnist Neal Pierce has written of how mass transit systems will play an important role in American urban life in the future by linking cities to their suburbs in an environmentally friendly way. Pierce believes that cities that do not have mass transit systems in place will not be able to prosper in the 21st century."
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Sept. 23, 2009: The City Sentinel
"Modern transit and more may be coming to OKC"
Excerpt: "It’s being called modernization as Oklahoma City officials tout ‘transit progress’...

At an event held at the Skirvin Hotel last week, Cornett spoke to guests saying, 'The council and I announced the approval of the project today [Sept. 17th]. We are not just the city that is, but the city that will be.'

'What I didn’t want to do is shortchange this system so we can build the best street car system ever, [even] if we don’t get funding from any other sources.' This initiative is part of what some see as a beginning of 'the big picture' in connecting regional transit systems to Oklahoma City..'

'We are creating a city where our kids want to live,' adds Cornett."
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Sept. 18, 2009: The Oklahoman
"Plan Offers City Chance to Continue Moving Ahead"
Excerpt: "The original Metropolitan Area Projects, or MAPS, transformed Oklahoma City and helped provide tremendous momentum as the 21st century dawned. Oklahoma City residents are expected to decide later this year whether they want to see that momentum continue... The package presents a serious opportunity for Oklahoma City to keep moving forward. As we see it, staying put isn’t an option."
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Sept. 18, 2009: The Oklahoman
"City MAPS Out Big Plans"
Excerpt: "A $777 million MAPS 3 plan unveiled by Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett on Thursday certainly matches the ambition of its predecessors."
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Sept. 18, 2009: The Journal Record's "Oklahoma per Square Foot" blog
"Thoughts on MAPS 3"
Excerpt: "When looking at MAPS 3 I go back to a very simple principle: anytime a city can improve its overall value and image in any shape or form, it improves the overall value and quality of its commercial real estate market. We saw that happen firsthand with the first MAPS program..."
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Aug. 18, 2009: USA Today
"Oklahoma City defies recession"
Excerpt: "Construction cranes are busy here. New medical buildings are underway. Buildings are being renovated in the historical Bricktown neighborhood. Oklahoma City's June unemployment rate of 6% was the second-lowest in the nation for metropolitan areas with 1 million or people, says the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Its per-capita income grew 6.9% in 2008 to $40,942, compared with a year earlier, the Commerce Department reported last week. That growth made the city No. 1 in the USA for large metro areas."
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Jul. 29, 2009: The Oklahoman
"Oklahoma City, UCO looking to ride Olympic status into future"

Excerpt: "Chalk up another victory to Oklahoma City’s Metropolitan Area Projects...The committee’s selection of the Oklahoma River as a training facility is an example of the unexpected benefits of MAPS, Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett said...

[United States Olympic] Committee Chief Executive Officer Stephanie Streeter joined the mayor at the Chesapeake Boathouse to announce Oklahoma City will be the training site for rowing and canoe/kayak...

'What an unbelievable day for this community,' Streeter said.

'At the USOC, we’re in the dream business. I bet a lot of people didn’t expect this dream to come true. Frankly, it’s not every day we get to see these kinds of dreams come true.'

Cornett is proposing a potential MAPS3 ballot that would fund a transit system, downtown park and convention center.

'Every one of the MAPS projects has found a use that wasn’t created or even thought about on Election Day back in 1993,' Cornett said. 'As we look forward to the formulation of MAPS3, you want those same ideas.'"
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Join the Coalition!

  • Bricktown Association
  • Greater Oklahoma City Metro Hotel Association
  • OKC Beautiful
  • American Institute of Architects - Central OK Chapter
  • Neighborhood Alliance of Central Oklahoma
  • Downtown OKC Inc
  • Oklahoma City All Sports Association
  • Triathlon Club of OKC (TRI-OKC)
  • Greater Oklahoma City Chamber
  • Olympic Sports Engagement Committee
  • 2012: Friends of the Oklahoma River
  • OnTrac
  • Modern Transit Project
  • Oklahoma City Asian District Association
  • Capitol Hill Main Street
  • Oklahoma Municipal Contractors Association
  • Oklahoma Transit Association
  • Downtown Club of Oklahoma City
  • Oklahoma City University
  • The Foundation for Oklahoma City Public Schools
  • Oklahoma Shakespeare in the Park
  • Oklahoma State Fair, Inc.
  • Associated General Contractors of Oklahoma - Building Chapter
  • Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) of Oklahoma City
  • Oklahoma City Metropolitan Association of Realtors
  • Central Oklahoma Home Builders Association
  • Oklahoma City Trails Advisory Committee
  • OKC Velo Club
  • South Oklahoma City Chamber
  • Arts Council of Oklahoma City
  • Commercial Real Estate Council (CREC) of Oklahoma City
  • The Northwest Chamber
  • Stockyards City Main Street
  • Oklahoma Bicycle Society
  • Automobile Alley
  • Myriad Gardens Foundation
  • Sierra Club - Cimarron Group
  • National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) - Oklahoma Chapter
  • Oklahoma Fit Kids Coalition
  • Plaza District Association
  • Alliance for Public Transportation
  • Dustin Sadler
  • Jill Adler
  • Casey C. Harness
  • Ernest Abrogar
  • Rob Anderson
  • Michael Kennedy
  • Aaron M. Arnall
  • Alonzo J. Adams
  • Keith McKinney
  • Ronald D. Payne
  • Gene Goforth
  • Matthew Mclarty
  • Casey Cornett
  • Joe Bosley
  • Jason D. Brown
  • Mary Blankenship Pointer
  • Michael Morrison
  • Boldt Construction
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  • Schnake Turnbo Frank | PR
  • Timberlake Construction Co., Inc.
  • Dustin Gabus
  • Joey Allen
  • King's Limousine & Private Jet
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  • Bryan Newell
  • Devery and Karen Youngblood
  • Ronald Zawisza
  • Corbin See
  • JHBR Architecture, Inc.
  • Elena Listen
  • Midwest Wrecking Co
  • Leslie V. Batchelor
  • Cy Perkins
  • Jeff Click Homes
  • Midwest Housing Equity Group, Inc.
  • Kenyon Morgan
  • Jason Black
  • Hans and Torrey Butzer
  • Trina Kopacka Morrison
  • 308 Design Collaborative
  • Ani Dominguez
  • Mark Bledsoe
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MAPS is one of the most aggressive and successful public-private partnerships ever undertaken in the U.S. The original MAPS ($363 million) spurred over $3 billion in private investment.

MAPS for Kids was the first-ever partnership between a city and local school districts.

The new MAPS proposal will NOT raise taxes from current levels.